Merdeka Award Grant Application Form
Closing Date: 1st May 2019

All applications MUST be submitted online. Hard copies sent will not be accepted.

How To Apply It is very important that you fully understand the application criteria before you proceed with your application submission.

To avoid any appearance of conflict of interest staff of the Merdeka Award's Founding Partners - PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell, and their immediate families are ineligible for the Grant.

Before filling in the online application form, please pre-prepare soft copies of the following documents, which should be attached with the online application.

Please take note that you have to reupload all the documents required if you encounter any error during the submission.

  Files / Documents Needed Format Required
1 Recent Passport Sized Photo GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF
2 Identity Card
Proof of age (Certified Birth Certificate / Certified I.C.)
3 Academic Transcripts PDF, DOC, DOCX
4 Attachment Proposal
A 2-page well-thought out and presented Attachment Proposal that clearly states your proposed area of study, the institution where you propose to pursue the research, your research objectives and aims, and what you hope to achieve in your field at the end of the 3-month research period.   Please identify three (3) internationally-recognised institutions (outside of Malaysia) that you would like to do your attachment at.  (Note that the Merdeka Award reserves the right to replace the proposed host institution at its discretion).
5 Attachment Budget
A proposed Attachment Budget for the three-month attachment (detailing tuition fees, travel, accommodation, books, insurance and other research-related costs), with exchange rate and inflation taken into consideration.
6 Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
Two Letters of Recommendation from people who are qualified to provide insight into your potential for success and leadership
7 Resume/Curriculum Vitae PDF, DOC, DOCX
8 Others
Any other document that you wish to submit to strengthen your application including copies of articles written, reports of volunteer work, extra-curricular certificates etc.

Each file/document uploaded MUST NOT exceed the maximum file size of 5MB.

Note: In the event that more files need to be uploaded, please combine the files and upload them under the category “Others” and ensure that file names are reflective of their content.
Application Type
The Merdeka Award reserves the right to change the Application Type.
Education & Community
  • Arts: visual/performing
  • Economics/Finance
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Social Work
  • Sports
  • Natural Resources
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
Health Science & Technology
  • Health - including healthcare support
  • Science
  • Technology - including innovative application of technology
Institution of Choice 1. 2.
Personal Information
Male Female
Address 1
Address 2
Postcode *
State *
Please ensure that your address, email and contact numbers are active.

*Compulsory fields
Career & Academic Information
Please input your career accomplishments and qualifications to date.
Note: You will be required to upload supporting documents of your career accomplishments at Step 7.
Please input your academic qualifications below
Note: You will be required to upload supporting documents of your career accomplishments at Step 7.
Are you currently receiving any financial assistance or sponsorship from an institution, fund or foundation?
Yes No
If YES, please provide details:
*Compulsory fields
(Not more than 1000 words) *
Words left:
* Compulsory fields
Note: You may also produce a PowerPoint presentation or video presentation as part of the essay submission and email to
Awards & Recognition Received
Please list up to a maximum of five (5) of your most prestigious awards & recognitions received to date.
Supporting Documents & Declaration
IMPORTANT: Please upload ALL the below supporting documents.
1. Applicant Photo
2. Identity Card
3. Academic Transcripts
4. Attachment Proposal
5. Attachment Budget
6. Letters of Recommendation
(Requires 2 letters)
7. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
8. Others
Security code *
 Security code
I declare that all the particulars submitted on this application are true and correct. I understand that, should I accept the Merdeka Award Grant and any of the above information is found to be false, I will be held liable to repayment of monies expended. I also understand that the completion of this form does not commit the Merdeka Award Grant to assisting me in any way.

* Compulsory fields

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