Highlights of the Merdeka Award Exhibition now online!

03 JANUARY 2014
Have you had a chance to visit the “Merdeka Award & Sketches of Science - Celebrating the Culture of Excellence” exhibitions now being held at GALERI PETRONAS, KLCC?  If you haven't, catch it soon as the exhibition ends on January 19, 2014.
For those in other parts of Malaysia and around the world who don't have a chance to visit, the team at the Merdeka Award Trust has put together a short video highlighting some of the artworks that make up the exhibition, which celebrates the achievements of the 22 individuals and 2 organisations of Merdeka Award recipients, since the Award was launched in 2007.  The highlights video is now available online at
The Merdeka Award Exhibition showcases the distinct and individual personalities of its recipients over the years, as captured by 17 young Malaysian contemporary artists.  It is a tribute to the recipients’ relentless pursuit of excellence and their commitment to going beyond the call of duty; in short to their very manifestation of the “Spirit of Merdeka”. Collectively, these 22 individuals and 2 organisations have made significant and sustainable contributions to the growth and advancement of Malaysia in areas as diverse as medicine, research, environment, architecture, education, welfare, and agriculture.
With the exhibition, the Merdeka Award hopes to cultivate an appreciation of the arts, science, technology and discoveries, and inspire and excite young Malaysians to explore and pursue their passions for the benefit of the nation.   
The exhibition is being held alongside the Nobel Museum’s “Sketches of Science” exhibition, which takes the complex discoveries made by Nobel Laureates and adds a creative element that expresses well on paper.  The “Sketches of Science” exhibition has been brought to Malaysia by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM).
The Merdeka Award & Sketches of Science Exhibitions - Celebrating the Culture of Excellence exhibitions will be on show at GALERI PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, from December 12, 2013, to January 19, 2014.   A number of interesting activities are being planned in conjunction with this exhibition, including a series of Café Scientifique talks by eminent Malaysian scientists.  
Click here to view the highlights video, and for more information on the Merdeka Award.
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