GEC’s leadership comprises GEC’s Advisory Council, Management Board and Management Team

Guardians of the Environment 
With their slogan of “Building partnerships for the environment”, the Global Environment Centre (GEC)  has strategically collaborated to address global environmental issues since its inception in 1998, focusing on biodiversity, water resources, agriculture, forestry, and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 

To help the environment and communities, GEC has undertaken river clean-up and rehabilitation in 27 river basins, planted over 400,000 mangrove trees on more than 130 hectares of degraded mangrove habitats in Malaysia, and collaborated with the Selangor State government to safeguard and rehabilitate 95,000 hectares of peat swamp forest. 

Restoring the lifeline of our land
Rivers play an important role in our lives, yet unfortunately, society has forgotten about their importance, leaving 5% of river basins in Malaysia to be classified as “severely polluted” and 42% as “polluted”, leaving only 53% of all rivers classified as "clean". 

To combat this, the GEC implemented the River Care Programme as a commitment to nurture a better understanding about the importance of our rivers and appreciate the value of them.  

The programme focuses on promoting community participation in river and water resource protection and sustainable use through the Civic Science approach, while also working closely with all stakeholders in the effective management of solid waste and the preservation of water and river ecosystems. 

Conserving our mangrove forests
The GEC has also planted more than 400,000 mangrove trees in partnership with local communities (Friends of Mangrove) on more than 130 hectares of degraded mangrove habitats in Malaysia, through GEC’s Forest and Coastal Programme. 

In recognition of their innovative work on mangrove rehabilitation, the GEC was awarded the Role Model Award in the NGO category in 2020 under the national programme for the replanting of mangroves.