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A Quest to Study and Protect Rainforests 
The South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP), established in 1985 by the Royal Society of the UK and Commonwealth Academy of Science, has contributed significantly to the conservation, sustainable management and restoration of Malaysian rainforests. 

Through its collaboration with the Sabah Forestry Department, SEARRP’s Danum Valley Field Centre facilitates world-class scientific research that addresses major environmental issues facing the tropics such as plantation development, habitat restoration, and climate change.  

To date, SEARRP researchers have published 600 articles in leading international journals which have been cited almost 40,000 times and have supported numerous research projects leading to over 170 completed PhD and MSc projects.  

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SEnSOR Project booth at a Round Table RSPO conference in Bangkok 2019 

Ecology: A science that matters 
Over 30 years, SEARRP-linked scientists, supported by research grants exceeding US$50 million.

Their research has influenced land use, conservation, and forest/plantation management policies in Malaysia, demonstrating the value of logged forests in supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

Its Sabah Biodiversity Experiment, jointly conducted with the NERC Centre for Population Biology, University of Zurich and Malaysian forestry company Innoprise Corporation, provides a platform for testing various questions related to the effects of tree diversity, ecosystem processes, successful forest reestablishment, biogeochemical ecosystem processes and ecological processes. 

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Creating a Sustainable Palm Oil Industry
Sustainable palm oil production is also a major strategic focus of the organisation’s research, whereby the science in this field is delivered through the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Project, one of the world’s largest ecological experiments.  

Through its Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Oil Palm Research (SEnSOR) programme, SEARRP uses cutting-edge technology to test the impact of the Roundtable on Sustainable palm oil (RSPO): the major certification standard for sustainable palm oil.  

SEARRP not only aims to quantify the level of impact that the RSPO is having on key aspects of sustainability such as biodiversity conservation and smallholder livelihoods, but also provides solutions and recommendations in areas where improvements are required. 

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Inspiring future environmental champions 
SEARRP is dedicated to environmental education, outreach and training to build capacity, promote ongoing learning and inspire a new generation of environmental champions in Sabah. 

SEARRP’s Director and Senior Scientist,s, Datuk Dr Glen Reynolds says, “Spend time in, enjoy, better understand, and take pride in your wonderful forests. It’s so important that Malaysia’s rainforests are protected and, where necessary, restored. This can only be achieved through the efforts and dedication of the next generation of Malaysian scientists and conservation professionals.” 

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