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Professor Dr Masjuki Haji Hassan


Professor Dr Masjuki Haji Hassan obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree (BSc), at Leeds University, Leeds U.K. in 1977. He continued to pursue his MSc in Tribology and PhD from the same university and graduated in 1978 and 1982 respectively.

During his time at Leeds, Professor Masjuki met Professor Duncan Dowson, who was one of the lecturers at Leeds University at the time. Professor Duncan was one of the seven founding members of TRIBOLOGY in the UK in 1966, and being more than 90 years old, he is the only surviving founder of Tribology (the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion). In the field of Tribology he is one of the world ‘Guru’, Professor Duncan’s passion for BioTribology research and his Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Theory formed the foundation of many prosthetic and journal bearing design. His dedication and commitment to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching inspired Professor Masjuki to major into the field of Tribology, which was unknown in Malaysia at the time.

Therefore, upon the completion of his studies, Professor Masjuki accepted his appointment as a lecturer at the University of Malaya (UM) in 1983. He has spent the entirety of his working life at UM until the present day, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervising MSc and PhD students, conducting research, and doing other administrative work.
Being a fervent academician and engineer himself, Professor Masjuki sees that new generation of engineers will have to be fully equipped with multi skills or multi disciplines such as taking double major. An example, if one major in mechanical engineering, he or she must also major in economy, finance or law. This will enhance graduates employability, as well they must also possess good soft skills and good command of English and willing to work abroad. Professor Masjuki’s best memories throughout his career is fulfilling the purpose of his original recruitment to UM wherein being able to execute responsibilities, and being able to help UM maintain its global visibility and its world ranking.  


Professor Masjuki has successfully completed more than 20 research projects at both the national and international level, and is currently handling 12 research projects. Due to his prolific research and widespread experience, he was promoted as a Special Grade A Professor (VK5), which is the highest salary scale a professor can achieve in the current salary scheme for lecturers. He deems this a truly satisfying accomplishment as it is the dream of every lecturer but only a few have achieved it.
CLASS_OF_68-(1).jpgForm 2 class photo at lower secondary school (English), Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam, Selangor, 1968
To date, Professor Masjuki finds the biggest challenge he had to face throughout his working experience was insufficient funding support, especially for Research and Development in Universities for a developing nation. The situation worsen at a point of time when budget for UM was massively cut recently, which resulted a more challenging path ahead for both the university and Professor Masjuki. As uncertain as it is of whether UM can continue its journey to achieve top 100 best universities in the world under QS World University Ranking in 2020, Professor Masjuki believes in dedication and patience. Holding onto his personal philosophy gets him going, no matter the hurdles lies ahead.
IMG_9566.jpgGetting ready to deliver mandatory Professional Inaugural Lecture before One is promoted to the post of Special Grade A Professor or VKS Grade in 2010

Japanese Professors and delegates and Malaysian participants attending the Malaysia Japan Tribology Symposium at MJIT UTM Kuala Lumpur, 2016

Masjuki-(1).jpgWith Professor Koji Yamane (middle) of Shiga Prefecture University, Japan, at one of the mini vehicle testing tract (in this case Biodiesel Fuel)

Professor Masjuki has produced more than 30 PhD and close to 60 MSc graduates by research, published more than 579 journal articles, proceedings and also research reports of which 369 are ISI and 185 are Scopus indexed articles. Professor Masjuki also authored and co-authored five books and book chapters, has one registered patents under him. His current publication H-index is 54. He is the founding President of the Malaysian Tribology Society (MYTRIBOS) and the Head of the Centre for Energy Sciences. His memberships in international organizations include Fellow of The Institute of Mechanical Engineer and Chartered Engineer, UK, Vice President of International Tribology Council, UK, and Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. 
Masjuki-with-red-waja.jpgSample PROTON Experimental Car fitted with Natural Gas Conversion Unit at Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya

Masjuki-in-Lab.jpgCharacterisations of Palm Oil Methyl Ester (Palm Oil Diesel) at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya

With Professor Dr Duncan Dowson who taught BSc (Mech Eng) and MSc (Tribology) at University of Leeds.  Here, he was shown a 1977 class picture.  He was one of the seven surviving founding members of Tribology in 1966.  Met in 2014 at 41st Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, Bradford UK (My highly inspirational and role model)

With Professor Dr Masahiro Shioji (Energy and Combustion Expert, extreme left in picture) of Kyoto University and his team

At national level he was the Secretary of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment Cluster under the National Professors’ Council under the Prime Minister’s Department. Currently, he is the Chairman of National Professors’ Council University of Malaya Chapter. He is a Professional Engineer (Ir) under the Board of Engineer Malaysia. He also sits in many other national and international committees.

At Kyoto Train Station (High Speed Train Station Platform), background head of Shinkansen, Japanese High Speed Train
Personal Philosophy: “Understanding full and well the purpose of your life as existence and life is short. Take or do what is necessary to live in this world and must prepare for the next life. Whatever you do must gain the pleasure of Allah SWT.”
Message to Young Malaysians: “In whatever you do, do it with clear purpose, dedication, passion, patience, and honesty”.
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