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About The Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment
Unveiled in tandem with the distinguished 2011 Merdeka Award Presentation ceremony, the Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment is an esteemed initiative devoted to nurturing the intellectual and professional growth of exemplary Malaysians aged between 22 and 35. This exclusive program facilitates short-term collaborative projects and programmes, spanning up to three months, at internationally acclaimed host institutions of repute.
The primary objective of this attachment is to empower the Grantee in elevating their proficiency across chosen disciplines, including but not limited to education, arts, sports, community and social work, environment, health, science, and technology. In doing so, it aspires to not only augment the individual's expertise but also to significantly contribute to the advancement of their distinguished body of work and illustrious accomplishments.


Here are a few aspects to consider when applying for a Merdeka Award Grant
 Read through the application requirements carefully, and complete the form as required.  Please make every effort to substantiate your application with information that showcases your expertise and experience in your chosen area of study.
Kindly be informed that the application process for the Merdeka Award Grant is exclusively available online. Regrettably, the Merdeka Award Secretariat is unable to accommodate hard copies or physical submissions. Your understanding and compliance with this online-only application procedure are greatly appreciated.
To get started, please read through the instructions here.

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