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Understanding molecular microbial ecology towards sustainable agriculture production

Institutions: Scripps Institutions of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, and University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Natrah Ikhsan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). She is also an Associate Researcher in the Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Institute of Bioscience and International Institute of Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, UPM. Currently, she is the Vice President of the Malaysian Fisheries Society 2018/2020 and Treasurer of World Aquaculture Society- Asia Pacific Chapter.
She obtained her BSc (Hons) in Biology and MSc in Aquatic Biotechnology from Universiti Putra Malaysia. In 2011, she received her PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from the Laboratory of Aquaculture and Artemia Reference Center, University of Ghent, Belgium.
She specializes in aquatic microbial ecology particularly in understanding the interaction between bacteria and algae for aquaculture use through quorum quenching and quorum sensing approaches. Through active participation in the aquaculture societies, she has been involved in organization and co-organization of seminars and conferences (local & international) and industry meetings.
She has also assisted on the quarterly FISHMAIL magazines and technical publications. In 2017, she was one of the steering committee appointed by World Aquaculture Society for the organization of Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017 conference in Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur. 
She is the author of various research articles in international peer-reviewed journals as well as several international and national conference proceedings. She is also the project leader of several international and national research grants from private and governmental bodies including the recent grant award from the International Development Research Centre, Canada in collaboration with Global AMR Innovation Fund (GAMRIF), United Kingdom and a European Union grant in collaboration with several different Asia-Europe Universities (Belgium, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia and China).

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