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Association between gut microbiome dysbiosis (changes in gut microbiome) with systemic immune activation, inflammation and early onset of age-related diseases in HIV infected individuals

Institutions: New York University Medical Center

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Ms Chua Ling Ling is currently pursuing her PhD in Health Sciences at University of Malaya. She is also working on the Malaysia-Singapore (MaSpore) ALL clinical trial and is carrying out some research related to primary immunodeficiency in children with her mentor Professor Dr Hany Ariffin in University Malaya Medical Centre.
For her attachment, she went to New York University (NYU) Medical Center to study the association between gut microbiota dysbiosis with systemic immune activation, inflammation and early onset of age-related diseases.
The study of microbiota is a relatively new field in Malaysia and we are still lacking of local expertise especially in aspects of gut microbiota interaction with human diseases. “By collaborating with NYU on this project, we are able to acquire the knowledge and technical skills to perform the microbiota profiling and data analysis to better understand the relationship between gut microbes and immune system”, said Ms Chua.
Ms Chua’s current doctoral research investigates the changes in gut microbiota composition in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and in adults who have recovered from childhood ALL (long-term survivors). She added, “Through this research, I wish to better understand the impact of cancer treatment in changing the bacteria living in human body and how these changes may influence patients’ health and well-beings”.
Ms Chua completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University, Australia in 2011. She then continued with Honours Research Program in an autoimmune research lab with Professor Richard Kitching in the same university before coming back to Malaysia to work in University of Malaya.
In her free time, Ms Chua enjoys social gatherings and hiking with friends.

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