The Award

About The Award


The Merdeka Award aims to promote thought leadership and innovation, foster a culture of excellence, encourage a world view, thereby enhancing Malaysia's standing as a dynamic, competitive 21st Century Global Player in all key sectors from science and technology to the arts.

Established on 27 August 2007 through the collaborative efforts of PETRONAS and Shell, The Merdeka Award recognises and rewards excellent individuals and organisations, serving as a beacon for those who have not only contributed to the nation's growth but have also inspired greatness in the people of Malaysia in the categories of Education & Community; Environment; Health, Science and Technology; Outstanding Scholastic Achievement; and Outstanding Contribution to the People of Malaysia.


The choice of name, Merdeka Award, reflects the Founding Members’ aim to commemorate the true spirit of independence, which transcends the conventional definition of independence. It explores the liberation of the mind and spirit – factors that foster the realisation of human potential and the pursuit of excellence.
Open for individual and organisations, the Merdeka Award aims to cultivate thought leadership and innovation, foster a culture of excellence and encourage a world view. In 2022, the Anugerah Harapan Merdeka was introduced as a new award category, recognising the endeavors of Malaysians aged 40 years old and below or Malaysian organisations with less than 10 years in inception in the areas of Education and Community, Environment, Health, Science and Technology.

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