The inaugural Merdeka Award Roundtable TV Talk-show

15 AUGUST 2011, BY Merdeka Award
The inaugural Merdeka Award Roundtable will be on air this Saturday, August 20, 2011.   Aimed at inspiring debate and discussion on key issues of interest to Malaysians, the Roundtable features the topic “The Spirit of Merdeka: Nurturing a Nation of Visionaries”.
Hosted by television and radio personality Norina Yahya, the Roundtable brings together leading figures from Malaysia’s corporate, academic and social spheres to discuss issues that are critical to the future of Malaysia.  
Writer and social commentator Dina Zaman, Merdeka Award Recipient and Professor at the Department of Physics University of Malaya Harith Ahmad; Member of the Merdeka Award Board of Trustees and historian Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim; Secretary to the Merdeka Award Board of Trustees Encik Mohammad Medan Abdullah; and Managing Director of global management consulting firm the HAY Group Mr Tharuma Rajah will provide interesting insights and views on the topic, which then brings to life the true spirit of independence - the liberation of mind and spirit, and the pursuit of excellence.  
It is a line-up that promises an in-depth and open discussion so don’t miss it!
Watch out for the Merdeka Award Roundtable on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 8.30 pm on ASTRO Awani (Channel 501), with repeats on August 21 (5.30 pm), August 22 (11 pm), August 27 (5 pm) and September 15, 2011 (3 pm).
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